About Us

The name Smashbox was conceived with the concept of 'Collision of assorted ideas in one place'. Smashbox productions is the house of mind-blowing novel ideas. It is an ingenious endeavor to bring under one roof, the three bull market C's

Capture | Creatives | Connect

The company is a product of extensive contemplation of the founder Taher Husain K, the flamboyant Artist and Photographer from Pune, who tediously worked from envisaging to essaying the company in the pursuit of providing quality services to its clients. Taher, the soulful shutterbug, has finely put his colossal experience into creating an ensemble of sublime services.

The upbeat team consists of thoroughly experienced professionals from various avenues who finally come together to merge their fresh ideas to generate some brilliant piece of work in a smart way, keeping pace with the current market trends. The company believes in producing a diverse variety of work, which is situation specific and client oriented. From traditional and cultural bases to modern summits, from the subjective to the objective, from the imaginable to the vague, every bit of a raw idea is transformed into a real product. The 'no compromise policy' of the company ensures competent quality in every venture. What more is ensured is the adding of that extra dash of zing in every work to bring about the 'oomph factor' in all that is produced.

The company strives to astutely capture and preserve the important events of a client's life, with the best of equipment and finish them into esteem products. Smashbox is inclined towards bringing imagination and vision to life and embellish it into elegant graphics, and providing assistance in growing global through the web.

The dedicated assemblage of the company works 24/7 to make every feat successful and lucrative. The aim is to identify, acknowledge and satisfy all the concerned requirements of every client.